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Pop | Nightcore - I Bet My Life

Electronic | Nightcore - Ms. Jackson (Remix by San Holo)

Rock | Nightcore - For The Love Of The Game


Pop | Nightcore - Habits (Stay High)

Electronic | Nightcore - Rock The Party

Rock | Nightcore - Enjoy The Show

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Nightcore music is our passion. Discover over 2,000 Nightcore songs sorted by genre and mood.

What’s Nightcore?

On Nightcore.com you have all Nightcore songs in one place! Don’t search endlessly for your favorite songs. Enjoy the lovely voices and fast sounds! Just choose a Nightcore playlist and listen to some Pop, Rock, EDM, Nightstep and other music. Cute Anime girls included. We’ll add new songs every day and create special playlists for you from time to time. Don’t wait and discover tons of new songs!

If you want the Nightcore version of a specific song on YouTube, you can just replace ‘youtube’ with ‘nightcore’ in the URL. Like this:

Original Song:www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcRJGHkpm8s
Nightcore Version:www.nightcore.com/watch?v=FcRJGHkpm8s

If we have it in our database, it will instantly play the Nightcore song. If we don’t have it, you can request the song and we’ll add it as soon as possible.

Join the Community!

We all share the love for Nightcore music and Anime. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and just talk with us! Tell us your wishes, suggestions or anything you have in mind. You can also send us your favorite songs and playlists. The team of Nightcore.com loves to chat with other Nightcore freaks! :)

Do you produce your own Nightcore? We’d love to listen to it! If you’re a Nightcore Artist or want to become one, you can apply for the Nightcore Network. It provides great benefits and a cool community!

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