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Nightcore Gaming Mix by Amazing Nightcore

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Listen to a new Nightcore Mix every week

A Nightcore Mix is just awesome: Press Play and listen to 1 hour of the finest Nightcore music mixed by the best Nightcore Artists. Start your gaming session, chill with friends or do whatever you want while listening to the mix. Cute Anime girls are likely to be seen as well!

Once a week we’ll present you a new Mix on this page. Just look at the countdown to find out when the next one will be released. We want to present you a variety of Mixes: Nightcore Gaming Mix, Rock, Pop, Nightstep etc. Every week we’ll search the best Nightcore Mix and put it on this page, so stay tuned and bookmark this page. You can tell us your opinion or suggest a mix by sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also browse through thousands of Nightcore songs on our main page. The songs are sorted by genre and mood. We’ve also got special playlists from time to time. Check it out!

You're Store for Anime, Manga, Figures Ane More

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