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Nightcore Network - Join the biggest community of Nightcore Artists

Are you a Nightcore Artist or want to become one? The Nightcore Network provides great advantages for Nightcore beginners and pros! Apply now and join the great community of Nightcore and Anime lovers in our network!


The starter pack for members

Nightcore Guide

YouTube channel art & icon

Step-by-step explanations for
creating Nightcore songs and videos

Your individual design based on
our template

Tons of tutorials for audio and video
software (Audacity, Virtual DJ, Vegas
Pro, After Effects etc.)

Free choice of background and Anime

Tips and tricks to get popular on YouTube and avoid copyright issues

Direct contact to the designer to get exactly what you want

Your other advantages

Chat with other Nightcore Artists

We've got a Discord Server for all members to chat. There's the place to talk about Nightcore, Anime, collaborations or anything else. The team of Nightcore.com is also there!

Access to exclusive contests and raffles on Nightcore.com

From time to time we organize special contests and raffles for members of the network. It's a lot of fun to participate and there are great prices for you to win!

Support for any issues you have

Problems with creating Nightcore? Issues with YouTube? You can contact us via Discord or email to get help with any issues you might have. We'll give you specific answers and consulting.

Premium status at 5,000 subscribers

Once you hit 5,000 subscribers on YouTube and have reasonable video views, you'll become a premium member of our network with lots of more benefits! What's Premium status?

The single requirement

Represent our network and Nightcore.com by putting a short intro
before your videos and a link in your video descriptions.


Premium status

only available at 5,000 subscribers on YouTube and reasonable video views

Financial support

Depending on your channel size and the duration of your membership in our network, we'll have the possibility to support you financially. We could support you with new software, pc equipment, tickets for certain events and other sponsoring.

Personal designer

One of our designers will take care of your requests concerning graphics and video editing. If our capacities allow us to realize your requests, you can ask for anything you want.

Influence the Nightcore community

You'll have the chance to organize contests, raffles and other events which are sponsored by the network. If you want, you can also undertake other tasks which directly influence Nightcore.com and its community.

Direct contact & consulting

In addition to the normal support, you'll get personal consulting and specific support for your YouTube channel. On this way we can help you to grow your channel and improve your technical skills.

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